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8 Ways to use Instagram Stories for your Brand!

How to leverage Instagram Stories to grow and promote your brand on social media

PrintOctopus turns 1

PrintOctopus turns ONE! – A Message from the Founder

A message from the founder on our first birthday.


PrintOctopus gets a Blog!

Get a sneak peek into what this blog is going to be about!


Here’s a compliation of some of the funniest memes ever! Memes (pronounced as Meem not Maymay) have taken over the internet the past couple of years. Memes gained popularity on user-generated content websites such as 9GAG and 4CHAN way back in 2009. Growing stronger than ever, and funnier than ever, a lot of people just log into their social media now to see what meme they have been tagged in by their friends. Or rather what are the latest memes? India has also had it’s fair share of Memes from Gormint Aunty to Kejriwal’s muffler (Just Kidding). So much so that All India Bakchod actuallyCheck it out!

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